2020 Virtual YIM

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  • Welcome

  • Welcome to the 2020 Virtual Youth In Music Championships. On the following pages you will be able to rank your favorite bands in each class (A-AAAA). All of the rankings will be combined and the top vote-getters in each class will be announced.

    You may enter and vote as many times as you would like. Each 'ballot' costs $10, with the proceeds split between the band you designate below and the Youth In Music organization - the sponsor of the last 20 years of YIM Championships.

    The last page of this ballot will provide a form for entering your valid credit card information, which is required to process the ballot. Please have your card information ready before proceeding.
  • Please select the HS Band you would like a portion of your 'ballot fee' to be shared with from the alphabetized list below. Only one band may be selected per ballot.