How do I watch the Stream on my Smart TV?

You may not be able to send the link to your Smart TV but there is a work around.  First view the stream on a computer or mobile device.  Then on your Smart TV open the YouTube app and go to recently view videos.

Will the performances be available on YouTube to watch after the event?

No, due to copyright laws we can’t make performances available after the event.  However, both award ceremonies will be available.

When can I watch my favorite ensemble?

A schedule of the days performances is available on the Youth in Music website, every attempt will be made to stay on schedule but times may vary throughout the day.

The stream stopped – what do I do?

There is a chance we might have to restart the stream at some point(s) during the day.  If this is needed we will make every attempt to do this between performances.  The stream will automatically restart, if not you will have to manually refresh the stream or your application.

When should I purchase and connect to the Live Stream?

Don’t wait till the last minute before a specific performance to start streaming.  It’s good idea to test your connection well before the band you are wanting to see.  Watch other videos on YouTube before you start streaming to make sure your speakers are working properly.