2022 Youth In Music Championships Schedule – Session II

Here are the performance times for the evening Session II event.

Band Name Performance Time
National Anthem 7:15p
Lakeville South HS 7:30p
Grand Rapids HS 7:45p
Hastings HS 8:00p
Eden Prairie HS 8:15p
Irondale HS 8:30p
BREAK 8:45p
Brandon Valley HS 9:00p
Eastview HS 9:15p
Rosemount HS 9:30p
Millard HS 9:45p
Sioux Falls HS 10:00p
UW Eau Claire 10:15p
Awards 10:30p

Youth In Music 2022 E-Program

Download the electronic version of the 2022 Youth In Music program by clicking on the link to the left.

2022 Youth in Music Marching Band Championships

October 8, 2022 – U.S. Bank Stadium

Join us for a spectacular day of music and pageantry with over 30 bands, in beautiful U.S. Bank Stadium!

Session I   morning- Minnesota State Championships and Class Championships.

Session II   evening- 
Includes the winner of each class (4 bands), plus the next 6 highest scoring bands from the first session.

Volunteer and see the show for free! Sign up HERE. This year we are also offering fundraising opportunities for bands. Volunteers who complete one outdoor shift (parking or band warmup) will earn/fundraise $20/hour for the organization of their choice. 

Tickets are now available online. Click the Ticket tab above to purchase.

Youth in Music will once again be offering scholarships to graduating seniors. Applications can be completed HERE. Application deadline is 5:00pm on Friday September 16.

U.S. Bank Stadium – click HERE for guest information

Camera Policy
Small, non-professional, single frame “point and shoot” cameras are allowed into the venue. However, use of “professional cameras” is prohibited at YIM events unless the user has formal media credentials (photo ID from media employer) and prior written approval from Youth In Music. Tripods, monopods, “selfie sticks” and cameras with a lens longer than 6” (detachable or non-detachable) will NOT be permitted into the stadium.


Youth in Music 2022
Marching Band Championships
Band Name Class Perform
Star Spangled Banner 7:00
Mankato Area A 7:15
Osseo A 7:30
Hutchinson A 7:45
Maple Grove A 8:00
Harrisburg A 8:15
Andover A 8:30
St Croix Central Exh 8:45
Lourdes A 9:00
Minnetonka A 9:15
Anoka A 9:30
Hastings A 9:45
Coon Rapids A 10:00
Blaine A 10:15
Hudson Exh 10:30
O’Gorman AA 10:45
Baldwin Woodville AA 11:00
Brookings AA 11:15
Lakeville South AA 11:30
Roosevelt AA 11:45
Waseca AA 12:00
Champlin Park AA 12:15
MSU Mankato U Exh 12:30
Class A, AA Awards 12:45
Waukee NW AAA 1:15
Davenport Central AAA 1:30
River Falls AAA 1:45
Grand Rapids AAA 2:00
Farmington AAA 2:15
Irondale AAA 2:30
Brandon Valley AAA 2:45
Millard West AAA 3:00
Lincoln AAAA 3:15
Marshall AAAA 3:30
Eden Prairie AAAA 3:45
Eastview AAAA 4:00
Rosemount AAAA 4:15
NDSU U Exh 4:30
Class AAA, AAAA Awards 4:45