Youth In Music 2020 Championships

Youth In Music Virtual 2020 Championships

     September 11, 2020

COVID 19 has had a profound effect on our whole world. We have been participating in
band director conversations across the midwest about student learning, leadership and
marching band for this fall. This has affected every single one of us in profound ways. We are
here to serve students, teachers and parents while supporting the arts in all of our communities.
Our hearts are with all of you. We hope we might be able to meet in a live event as soon as it
is safe to do so. Thank you for supporting Youth In Music as we serve the development of your
students and your programs.

Why a Virtual YIM for 2020?
This is a virtual project born out of the potential that our bands will lose their fundraising &
performance opportunities through their individual events AND that we would like to honor the
seniors who have done years of work in instrumental music, dance, theater, drumline,
colorguard, winds and marching band.
Because we are staying present and learning about the effects of COVID 19 on our society, we
are planning a virtual event to benefit our participating bands and the 2020/2021 Seniors.

What is the Virtual 2020 YIM Championships?
3 Events in One over the timeframe of October 1-10, 2020

  1. vYIM – Fundraiser, Competition, Performances from the past – October 1-10
  2. Video Exhibition of what bands are doing this fall – October 10 from 5-7pm
  3. Live awards ceremony to announce placements, scholarships, Hall of Fame AND
    Honor our Seniors through a slide show. October 10 from 7pm-8:30 pm.

Please contact Brent Turner for Sponsorship and Virtual Marketplace Opportunities.

Thank you to these sponsors for their loyal support: SCHMITT MUSIC, Stanbury Uniforms,
YAMAHA Band and Orchestra USA, and Grand Tours.

Seniors will submit a picture or short video for the Senior Celebration Recognition Video .
Please submit information here by 5pm Friday October 2, 2020:

Seniors will also be eligible for 2020 YIM Scholarships. Send the hyperlink below to your
seniors interested in a 2020 YIM scholarship which is due by 5pm Friday October 2, 2020:

Youth In Music will promote the event through our website, social media and emails. We will
also attempt to get public awareness through news outlets,, drumcorpsworld, etc.

Bands will benefit by promoting the championships and by the votes registered through the YIM
website. Youth In Music will give scoring updates throughout the week.

This event will run for one week with a LIVE finale at 7pm Saturday 10/10/2020. YIM will create
the video competition based on each band that would like to participate. YIM will hire
adjudicators to give comments between each performance and a Festival Rating. Participants
will vote throughout the week from the video that will be hosted as a free and open event on our
website/youtube channel/facebook sites. We will give updates throughout the week as to
scoring in each of Class A, AA, AAA, AAAA and Colleges. Fans will have the ability to vote
multiple times throughout the week. Free access to the event will be available throughout the
week of 10/1/2020-10/10/2020. Cut off for voting will be noon on 10/10/2020. A live awards
ceremony will take place from 7-8:30pm on Saturday 10/10/2020 where we will honor the Seniors,
Announce YIMMYs, Announce Scholarships, give the Festival Ratings and Announce the
Scoring based on voting.

2020 Band Exhibition from 5-7pm on October 10, 2020
Bands will submit videos from their exhibitions, performances and rehearsals from the summer
and fall of 2020 and we will host that free video exhibition from 5-7pm on October 10, 2020.

2020 T-Shirts and patches will be available for students and parents through our Vendor –

We are looking forward to this unique event to celebrate our seniors and the work put in by all
the bands to continue educating musicians in these challenging times. See you starting
October 1 and then at the Live Awards Show from 7-8:30pm at
Brent Turner, M.Ed
Youth In Music – President

2019 Session II Schedule

07:15p - National Anthem / Introductions
07:30p - Andover
07:45p - Roosevelt
08:00p - Hastings
08:15p - Brandon Valley
08:30p - Irondale
08:45p - Break
09:00p - Millard West
09:15p - Eastview
09:30p - Eden Prairie
09:45p - Rosemount
10:00p - Marshall
10:15p - UWEC
10:30p - Awards

YIM 2018 Results


The Youth In Music Marching Band Championships filled downtown Minneapolis with beautiful music and colorguard movement on Saturday October 13 in U.S. Bank Stadium from 6am to 11pm.

The bands started their warm up process outdoors in The Commons Park in windy 45 degree temperatures and ended with some blazing hot performances on the field with temperatures of 70 degrees, sunny and no wind. A perfect environment for the bands and their colorful, complex maneuvers synchronized to various music genres, from Jazz to Classical.

29 High School Bands were vying for the Youth In Music Grand Championship that was taken home by Rosemount High School for the 12th time in the 14 year history of the event. The other two bands that have taken home the Grand Champion Trophy are Irondale High School in 2005 and Eden Prairie High School in 2015.

Many great performances were experienced by the 7,000 fans in the stands. The 29 bands represent about 4000 student participants. 100 Charter Busses and Semi- Trailers invaded the parking lots and hooded street parking within a 5 block radius of the Stadium.

The event celebrates the accomplishments of its participants by awarding 7 scholarships to high school seniors and 2 lifetime achievement awards to professionals who have dedicated their lives to music and arts education.

It was announced on Saturday that Youth In Music is looking forward to taking 300 High School marching band students to San Diego in December of 2019 as the Youth In Music Honor Band was invited to the Holiday Bowl Parade, Halftime Performance and Field Band Competition. More information and audition information can be found HERE

2018 Hall of Fame Inductees:
Keith Johnson – Litchfield
Gary Swanson – Irondale

CLASS A Championships
Exhibition Hudson HS
74.80 Anoka
71.90 Harrisburg
66.00 Andover
64.80 Lakeville South
64.80 Coon Rapids
64.20 Park Center
60.60 Blaine
54.80 Pipestone
52.50 Mukwonago
Colorguard – Anoka
Percussion – Andover
Visual – Anoka
Winds – Harrisburg

Scholarships Class A
Braden Culp – Harrisburg HS
Emily Junqi Lloyd – Lakeville South

CLASS AA Championships
81.00 Lourdes
80.15 Minnetonka
73.70 Hastings
72.30 Champlin Park
71.35 Farmington
68.90 Mitchell
63.10 Chippewa Falls
Colorguard – Lourdes
Percussion – Minnetonka
Visual – Lourdes
Winds – Hastings

Scholarships Class AA
Anika Jeannette Mann – Farmington
Jessica Weis – Lourdes

CLASS AAA Championships
84.10 Roosevelt
77.90 Brookings
76.30 Grand Rapids
Colorguard – Grand Rapids
Percussion – Roosevelt
Visual – Roosevelt
Winds – Grand Rapids

Scholarship Class AAA
Victoria Deitschman – Roosevelt

CLASS AAAA Championships
89.00 Rosemount
88.80 Sioux Falls Lincoln
87.65 Eden Prairie
86.60 Millard North
85.00 Irondale
84.90 Marshall
83.85 Eastview
Colorguard – Rosemount
Percussion – Eden Prairie
Visual – Rosemount
Winds – SF Lincoln

Scholarship Class AAAA
Emma Ulrich – Millard North
Madison Johanna Vaillant

Class A MN State Championships
1st Place – Anoka
2nd Place – Andover
3rd Place – Tie
Lakeville South &
Coon Rapids

Class AA MN State Championships
1st Lourdes
2nd Minnetonka
3rd Hastings

Class AAA MN State Championships
1st Grand Rappids

Class AAAA MN State Championships
1st Rosemount
2nd Eden Prairie
3rd Irondale

College Bands in Exhibition:
NDSU Goldstar Marching Band
UWEC Blugold Marching Band

2018 YIMMYs
Best Performer: Jake Newcomb, Sioux Falls Roosevelt HS who played the bagpipe.
Best Drum Major: Grace Maney, Mukwonago HS
Outstanding School Spirit: Blaine HS

93.00 Rosemount
91.70 Eden Prairie
91.50 Sioux Falls Lincoln
86.00 Millard North
85.70 Eastview
82.30 Irondale
82.20 Marshall
80.00 Sioux Falls Roosevelt
73.90 Lourdes
70.40 Anoka

Thank you to our major sponsors: Schmitt Music, YAMAHA Band and Orchestra, Stanbury Uniforms and Grand Tours.

Photos courtesy of Lifetouch Special Events Photography

2018 Session II Schedule

7:00 PM – Anoka HS
7:15 PM – Sioux Falls Roosevelt HS
7:30 PM – Lourdes HS
7:45 PM – Eastview HS
8:00 PM – Marshall HS
8:30 PM – Millard North HS
8:45 PM – Irondale HS
9:00 PM – Sioux Falls Lincoln HS
9:15 PM – Rosemount HS
9:30 PM – Eden Prairie HS
9:45 PM – UWEC